The Ultimate
Innovative and Secure
Cloud Service Solution
Built on an existing Telecom/Cloud Provider's infrastructure
Cloud it. Secure it. Stream it.
Store it. Sync it. Share it.

Improve your business profitability by providing:

  • Innovative and secure cloud services for your customers and much more.
  • Improved customer stickiness and innovation levels with CloudIUS™ products.
  • Quick time-to-revenue with minimum capital outlay.
  • An increased customer base, and the ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Empower your customers by giving them:

  • Online access to centralized data, advanced streaming and sharing, and secure backup features over the cloud.
  • Pure mobilized "take your PC with you" capabilities.
  • Complete access to their files and folders from any device - from mobile to stationery - anywhere.
  • The Value Added Service (VAS) of innovation, through access to all of their online needs and much more.

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B.I.S. Advanced Software Systems Ltd.
35 Montefiore St.
Tel Aviv 65201, Israel

About BIS

B.I.S. Advanced Software Systems Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative and unique cloud storage software solutions for CSPs, ISPs, MSPs, and enterprise environments. B.I.S. provides software solutions for telecom operators (CSPs/ISPs/MSPs) and cloud providers. CloudIUS offer complete PC, web, and mobile applications with server-side operator on-premise solutions…that provide online access to centralized data, advanced streaming and sharing, and secure backup features over the cloud.

Learn more about QBU CloudIUS’ Enhanced Security Features.

Since 1987, our former Mainframe product, B.I.S. NET-PASS, has been sold to several hundred enterprises worldwide, including the F.B.I, NASA, and HP. And our current QBU CloudIUS cloud storage solution product family generates VAS revenues from services/content with quick time-to-value, and creates improved CSP/ISP/MSP customer stickiness and innovation levels.

Our Partners

Our references/strategic partners and distributors include Data Shepherd (UK), OCSBOX.COM (India), and Amazon AWS.

We are excited to announce as well our recent strategic partnership with IBM/SoftLayer. Our QBU-CloudIUS solution has been uploaded to SoftLayer’s existing cloud infrastructure as a full-service storage solution, and used for the benefit of both IBM/SoftLayer and BIS customers and enterprises.

We also recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Enuve Brazil. This agreement will help B.I.S. expand our business and marketing opportunities for new customers and enterprises throughout Brazil.

What we offer

B.I.S. offers and provides CSPs/MSPs/ISPs and cloud providers a complete and powerful “take your PC with you” software solution to and from the cloud – including secure backups, restore, sync, sharing, versioning, and media file streaming over the cloud. The CloudIUS product solution is highly scalable, and built to be customized according to a CSP/ISP/MSP/cloud provider’s requirements. We provide easy-to-deploy software, with rapid integration into CRM and billing systems, as well as custom branding and a user-friendly VAS that requires minimum sales effort and service. And we are committed to providing our customers with the best, state-of-the-art online backup and sharing technology over the cloud. Our business model is license fee, based upon usage.

QBU applications are supported for both IOS and Android, and can be found in Google Play, the iPhone App Store, the Opera Mobile Store, and the Amazon App Store.

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